About Shop N.O.W.


A shopping website for the pursuit of “quality of life” and “healthy living”.

Natural. Organic. Wellness.

(People x Nature x Technology – Quality of Life)

Hong Kong’s first shopping site dedicated to the search for a balance between nature, technology and people.
We are dedicated to the search for healthy life-based products, from the search for care of external beauty to the inner beauty, is committed to the search for quality brands from all over the world, “quality is everything” as the main purpose.
In the 21st century, people have learned to cherish the beauty of health and the pursuit of health, and our company has moved in this direction, traveling the world in search of quality and suitable products, and launched at a reasonable price on the Shop N.O.W. platform.
The most convenient place for online shopping is not limited by time and place, you can stay at home at any time Shopping, but one of the biggest considerations of online shopping is the quality of the problem, contact can not smell, can only see.
Therefore, product quality is the primary consideration of Hope N.O.W., we have more than two years of procurement experience team for all parties to take a comprehensive approach, in order to make it most convenient for guests, as well as to provide a variety of product information, so that customers can buy the ideal product of quality.



Core pursuit.

  • Quality is everything.
  • Reasonable price of the product.
  • Don’t make exaggerated hard-sell ads.
  • Provides a wide range of product information.
  • Not necessarily a brand name but certainly high quality.
  • Sourced from great brands around the world.
  • Different product categories are available for different needs.
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