Alteya Organics is a fast-growing and internationally award-winning family-owned company with USDA and NaTrue certified organic beauty and skin care companies, and we have our own rose and lavender fields, wineries and panoramic views of the bulgarian Rose Valley, a state-of-the-art heart manufacturer.

We grow and harvest roses, lavender, chamomile and marigolds, and use recipes passed down from generation to generation to distill high-quality certified organic rose oils and other essential oils as well as flower water.

All of our products are USDA or NaTrue certified organic products, no animal cruelty, no chemicals, earth-friendly, no GMO. We do not use parabens, petroleum, paraffin, dyes, mineral oils and any other chemical preservatives. Our formulations have been extensively researched and clinically tested to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Alteya Organics was born in 1999, but growing and caring for roses has been a family tradition for more than a century since the early 1900s. Our organic rose garden, covered by the slopes of two majestic mountains, is located in the heart of Bulgaria’s Rose Valley, the land of King Teres, and has the world’s most beautiful flower, the Bulgarian Rose.

Our own plantations and breweries enable us to maintain our position as a leading grower and distiller of pure organic Bulgarian rose oil, rose water and other essential oils and flower water. In Alteya’s artificial forests, planting, harvesting and distillation are strictly controlled and extensive laboratory tests are carried out at every step to ensure that our ingredients exceed all industry standards.

Our organic skin and body care products have also been tested in detail. Excellent quality begins with high-quality raw materials. Our team of scientists brought hundreds of plants to test from our organic farms and other organic suppliers. Every ingredient in our products must meet strict quality standards.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability, combined with being one of the pioneers in organic skin and body care production, has established relationships with major retailers, wholesalers and distributors, as well as end customers worldwide.

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