For example, Amoy Canning was founded in 1908, the company was founded in 1951 紥 roots in Singapore, in 1955 set up a factory in Malaysia, and in 1994 into Australia. In Singapore – High-quality new products with local flavours of curry chicken quickly became people’s favorites. Taobao moved the plant to Chinmei Avenue in Jurong in 1994 and to its current plant in Wujibato in 2016.

Merci Vegetarian is Ao Tae Tong (Singapore) products, Xinggapo centennary food brand, a variety of traditional Asian cuisine ready-to-eat package / ready-to-eat vegetarian food, products mainly produced in Xing Matai and Taiwan and obtained ISO certification.

In 2014, a new line of boxed soy sauces was launched to adapt to the changing lifestyle. Different packaging and product ranges were also introduced in 2016. Amocan’s traditional canned vegetable collection has been popular for generations and is a staple in many families.

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