Beauty Made Easy.

Danish brand, brand image with modern fashion, fun and playful, the brand in 15 countries in Europe, more than 1000 retail stores, popular with women of all ages.

be good to skin

Hong Kong skin care brand, made in Switzerland, moisturizing and soothing characteristics, extremely suitable for skin that has just completed laser radio frequency treatment


Taiwan's premium counter brand, a strong research and development team, Ollantein ® patented ingredient of marine probiotic species and was awarded the 2019 Gold 奬.

D' Alchemy.

The star-studded organic Polish brand, based on plant pure dew instead of water for mature skin, ensures that all substances that remain on the skin are of the ultimate precious value.


In line with international standards of blood ketone testing machine, Taiwan's large factory brand, in Amazon and other online platforms are sold, suitable for focusing on blood ketone value weight loss and other people.


100% made in France, 100% natural ingredients, no%天然成份,不含動物成份,100% with dew ingredients to achieve moisturizing skin with water oil balance, makeup remover oil is a series of imperial products.


Israeli brands, extracted from herbal plants, strict production quality supervision to soothe the treatment of eczema, acne, dandruff, redness and other skin problems.


Made in Australia, natural organic lipstick, moisturizing, antioxidant, brand-named food-grade lipstick, made from mixed ingredients, moisturizing at the same time the color is obvious, 100% does not contain petrochemical ingredients (Vancelin), does not contain artificial colors, promote pregnant women applicable lipstick.


Hong Kong skin care brand, blend nature treasure and technology bionic ingredients, Taiwan GMP certified factory strict quality control and manufacturing, and through SGS heavy metal testing, the pursuit of targeted skin care formula.

PURE Papayacare.

Made in Australia organic certified skin care series, the market is called the premium version of papaya cream series, high-quality natural ingredients products, touted as a real alternative to skin care brands containing irritating chemicals.

Rohr Remedy.

Australia's natural precious herbal extraction brand, designed with high concentrations and medicinal repair as its design concept, improves and repairs environmental stress and damage to the skin.

Rose Harvest.

Bulgarian Organic Rose Certification, annual limited rose harvest collection under the Aletya Organic brand.

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