Natura Siberica’s facial, hair and body care products, made from adaptive herbs and plants, were born in Siberia, made from wild ingredients extracted from unspoilt natural landscapes, and worked with local tribes to make a positive difference in their lives.

In order to survive in extreme Siberian conditions, local and adaptable herbs and plants are synthesized with highly protective active ingredients and have extraordinary antioxidant properties with unique health and beauty benefits.

Our product range includes Pinus Siberica as the basis for all creams, conditioners and shampoos. It contains five times more vitamin E than olive oil and three times more vitamin F than cod liver oil, helping to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and prevent harmful effects of wind, cold and harsh environments.

All Natura Siberica products are made with a high proportion of natural and organic ingredients, many of which are officially certified by the world’s leading governing bodies.

Natura Siberica’s expedition in Siberia allowed researchers to learn traditional recipes for using these unique herbs and flowers to heal and protect the body from local tribes. These ingredients and methods are studied during the production process and made suitable for the manufacture of a range of unique beauty products. We have the largest organic farm in Siberia, and we harvest many of the herbs used in our products in the wild and support the indigenous peoples of Siberia.
Natura Siberica has won many international awards for her commitment to nature.

Born in Siberia, Natura Siberica has transformed Siberian beauty tips into a unique line of natural facials, hair and body care.

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