Australian Tea Tree Facial Cleanser Australian Tea Tree Cleansing

Small compilation : Australian tea tree wash surface gel / high concentration 100% distilled tea tree pure dew instead of water as the basis / unique rich all-natural tea tree aroma / deep cleaning anti-inflammatory without irritation / formula can remove, clear pores, soothe inflammatory acne lesions / boric / acid, / aloe vera, sweet almond oil and other ingredients can be moisturizing and balance grease / no artificial spices / Taiwan GMP factory manufacturing /



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Australian tea tree wash surface condensation (no added ingredients)

Australian Tea Tree Facial Cleanser

Suitable for users:

Acne skin, eczema skin, athletes who often sweat a lot, outdoor activities, skin inflammation is particularly suitable, the foam skin condensation with a gentle formula, suitable for sensitive skin, and even children.


Australian tea tree raw materials are taken from Taiwan’s green conservation certified farms, certified green conservation farms must be achieved

1) Do not use any chemically synthesized pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides, and do not use any natural but harmful environmental or harmful materials to species.

2) The farm should provide a friendly environment for biological foraging and habitat in order to move towards the goal of farmland biodiversity.

Does not contain a toxic ingredient (non toxic)

no artificial colors

no alcohols

no mineral oil

no sulfates

Not artificial fragrances (no fragrance)

cruelty free

no parabens

no MIT

no phthalates

Produced by ISO 22716 GMP verification plant.

Main ingredients:

Australian Tea Tree Pure Australian Tea Tree Hydrolat

Plant essence is made from natural distillation method, taste has a pleasant, refreshing effect, and at the same time to achieve moisturizing, moisturizing, protecting, cleaning, sterilization, antibacterial, therapeutic, antibacterial, deodorizing and other effects.

Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil

Extracted from the Australian tea tree can achieve moisturizing, moisturizing, protection, cleaning, sterilization, antibacterial, treatment, anti-bacterial, deodorizing and other effects.


It is the most widely distributed substance in skin connective tissue, which can maintain the moisture of cell gap, while maintaining the lubricity and softness of the skin, play a long-lasting moisturizing, prevent dry skin and lack of water.

Aloe Aloe Yohjyu Matsu

Good skin-like, skin has soothing, moisturizing, nourishing, moisturizing and other effects, can maintain the skin’s moisture, effectively soothe skin discomfort.

Amino Acid, amino acid

Active cells improve blood circulation, so that the skin returns to vitality, improve the dark dumb, improve moisturizing function, so that the skin hydration gloss.

Palm Oil Palm Oil

Oils and fats derived from the fruits of oil palm trees have a moisturizing effect.

Olive oil olive oil

Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, B, D, E, K, can promote the metabolism of the skin, in which vitamin E can promote collagen growth, maintain skin tightness and elasticity, and have anti-aging effect.

Sweet almond oil Sweet Almond Oil

Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, the texture is gentle and smooth, with good skin-like, can nourish the skin and soften the skin, the skin has a protective effect.

Kim May Hamamelis

Eliminates sensitivity and redness, anti-sensitivity, anti-inflammatory and sedative, and can increase wound healing


Based on pure dew in the tea tree, deep cleaning anti-inflammatory without irritation, the formula can remove, unblock pores, soothe inflamed acne lesions, moisturize and balance grease.

How to use it

Take the appropriate amount of cleansing exposed to the palm of your hand, gently rub to make it fully blistered, gently massage the skin of the face, and finally wash with water can be.


If you have any symptoms of discomfort after using the tea tree product, discontinue use.

How to save, store in a ventilated and cool place to avoid sunlight.

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