Australian wildflower deodorant

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Australian wildflower balm

Pure natural balm, no aluminum, all skin suitable. The product contains three kinds of Australian wildflower essential oils: swamp tea tree, Kunsya and fangyu leaf.

Aromatic leaves:

Aromatic leaves are rich in eucalyptus, α-Tanene and camphor alcohol, and have extraordinary antibacterial capabilities. Aromatic leaf essential oils are mild in nature and do not irritate the skin.


Kunsya essential oils are easy to absorb and help relieve skin irritation symptoms. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-infection and antibacterial properties, can effectively calm the skin.

Swamp Tea Tree:

Marsh tea tree essential oils are highly regarded for their effective antibacterial properties, anti-corrosion and antibacterial properties. Can be partially sterilized, mild and non-irritating.

How to use:

Daily use, applied under the armpits, can eliminate odors, give you a fresh feeling.


Aboriginal Australians believe that swamp tea trees, Kunsya and aphid leaves have healing properties, and plant essential oils extracted from these three Australian wildflowers have deodorization and antibacterial properties. Eliminate odors and maintain a fresh, pure natural atmosphere throughout the day.


Purified water, glycelin, olive oil whale waxol esters, sorbitol olive oil esters, sodium carbonate, zinc castor lyphate, whale wax alcohol, marsh tea tree essential oil (heather leaf white thousand layers), white Kunsya, aromatic leaf essential oil, kebab gum/seaweed extract, jaundate; phenoxyethanol and ethyl hexagon glycelin (compound low sensitivity preservatives)

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