Vitamin E Cleansing Oil

Easy makeup removal is non-sensitive and gentle, containing high-quality argan oil, vitamin E,lecithin, staphane ingredients plus plant-based emulsions



Vitamin E face masking oil

Main ingredients:

Vitamin E, argan oil, lecithin, sharkane

Vitamin E:

Contains a large number of α and γ forms of vitamin E, in the start of collagen production at the same time can resist aging, can make the blood circulation of the facial microvascular vessels to maintain smooth (protect the phospholipids on the cell membrane, avoid free-form damage and stability). Prevent skin distress caused by oil and water, and repair UV damage, leading to smooth and detailed skin.

Argan oil:

One of the world’s rarest and most precious oils, not only magical and small in the production area, not easy to obtain, precious, so called “green gold liquid”, since ancient times known as the beauty panacea, Moroccan women to maintain the secret of beautiful skin.

Plant emulsifying agents:

Can quickly emulsify the dirt, after washing not dry, will not be dark due to oil, giving a smooth, transparent aesthetic muscle.


Can help the water and oily effectiveness of the skin to absorb the efficiency, improve skin-sensitive, so that the skin can quickly return to health.

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